Monday, May 23, 2011

This Weekend!

Whose ready for the 3 day weekend? Gosh! A year ago around this time I ws having surgery on my galbladder! What a year I've had! Geez! Anyways, on to happier stuff! This weekend I will be making 2-3 cakes (one hasn't been confirmed). But two of them have! And I can't wait to start them.

First cake will be a small turtle cake! It will be chocolate on chocolate and will be super adorable for a little boy's first birthday!

The second cake will be CRAZY! Half of the cake will be Tom and Jerry themed and the other half will be spongebob theme! It will be a tiered cake and I can't wait to start it. I'm so excited.

I have more cake orders for next month! And I can't wait because I will be using this:

My Martha Stewart Edition Cricut Cake! Yay! It'll be my first time using it! Can't wait! So please stay tuned. Lot's of fun times are ahead of us. I can't wait! God Bless!

Happy Baking!

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