Monday, July 23, 2012


Good Morning, Everyone! Before anything, I'm still so sadden by the horrible event that happened in Colorado. And my condolences and prayers go out the the victims and their families. It's so sad, to think that everyone was their to have a wonderful start to their weekend and something so unthinkable would happen. God be with them.

Truthfully, my weekend was a very nice weekend filled with family, friends and fun, but still had a shadow on it with what had happened. My husband and I did a lot of cleaning (a lot more to do) and I was booked for a cake and that's what I did. It was for a little 4 year old boy, whom is the cutest little Batman ever! :o) I wanted to do a tutorial on how I did this cake and its matching cupcakes, but unfortunately, wasn't able to. Apologies. Friday, I got home and worked on the Batman signal, so that it can dry in time for the following day. I also did the little projector. That's all I had time for since my husband had plans to go out to Qdoba (since it was the last day it would be open here in the Central Valley) and then we were able to hang out with some fun friends and have a very nice Friday night.

Saturday, I woke up early and started the cake. The cake was chocolate with strawberry jam and fresh strawberries. And the cupcakes were yellow cake with raspberry filling. Can you say, YUM-O!?!?

Happy Baking!

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